Drawing is always something I’ve just kind of done for most my life. Years would go by where i wouldn’t so much, besides in class or waiting rooms, but its something I’ve always enjoyed. I believe anyone can draw. Not everyone has a natural tendency towards it, I can barely draw a straight line, but I believe its a skill that can be taught and worked on. The ability to entertain oneself with a pen and paper, to create worlds unbounded by the confines that restrict our own, is invaluable to oneself. Through training the hand, eye, and mind you gain a greater perspective on the world around you.

I figured its time I showcased my doodles. Im still figuring out what direction to take it in but ill make sure to have fun doing so and the direction may never stop switching and turning too and fro. I think that would be ok to. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be super awesome! and of course if you’re interested in having me cartoon, illustrate, or work under you please oh pretty please feel free to contact me.


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